Eco-Safe Roof Treatments
  With the wet climate here in the Northwest, it is crucial that you remove the moss from your roof before the roof  is damaged. It's best to take care of a moss problem early, as moss is a living fungus that will feed off the composition shingle and turn it into a soft dirt like substance. Moss Patrol uses safe and effective tools to remove moss, then we apply an environmentally safe treatment that will stop the moss growth on your roof.          

  Your house is most likely your biggest investment and your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home. A roof treatment is the best preventative care for your roof and will prolong it is life with the least amount of expense.
All of our roof treatments are chemically engineered and backed by a written warranty
  In time, your roof becomes dirty from tree debris, construction and roadway dust, chimney soot and pollution. Moss and algae will eventually begin growing which leads to "staining" or "discoloration" on your roof as well as gutters. These stains or discolorations are on the surface and can be removed. The roof treatments that we use can remove algae, fungus, and mildew from your roof over time revealing it is original color. Harmful pressure washing is completely avoided. (Results may vary depending on age, damage, and the extent of the problem.)
  • Cleanbrite  (eco-safe)  algaecide
  • Roof Coat  (eco-safe)  sodium silicate
  • Protect  (eco-safe)  natural cedar oil
  • Total Wood Protector (TWP) petroleum based